We Love LB Local Business Spotlight – Ambitious Ales

Meet Garrett of Ambitious Ales

We were lucky to meet Garrett not long after Ambitious Ales opened their doors.  They agreed to pour at Long Beach Homebrew Fest in our VIP Beer Garden.  We love adding homebrewers turned pro to the VIP area.  It proves when you are passionate about what you do, the hard work pays off.  We love the fun and delicious brews they create and have on tap.  Their little community has turned into a big community staple in Bixby Knolls.  Plus anyone that has POG in a beer is a winner in our book!

WLLB: What neighborhood in Long Beach do you live in? 
GC: Zaferia 
WLLB: Where is your business located? 
GC: Bixby Knolls
WLLB: How did you get started? 
GC: Ambitious Ales started as a group of high school friends, turned Homebrewers that quickly were developing something people like, after a few years of brewing homebrew for smalls special events we saw that we were onto something and decided to dive in the deep end and start the business from the ground up! 
WLLB: Why do you love what you do? 
GC: I love being able to call my passion my job, which allows me to be creative and stay engaged everyday. 
WLLB: Why do you love your small business? 
GC: I love the community we have built around our business, the trust we have gained from our customers and the jobs we are able to provide to people in our community.  (Keep in the loop & follow them on instagram.)
WLLB: Describe a memorable moment when your business positively impacted the local community. 
GC: We have been able to host charitable events and provide a gathering space for lots of people in our community. From our local small business association meetings to charitable events; our space has really been a hub to engage with our local community. 

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