Long Table Long Beach

What is Long Table Long Beach?
Long Table Long Beach is our exciting new neighborhood initiative that has been years in the making. We aim to nurture community relationships and social trust through the discovery of new connections with neighbors on your block while enjoying a meal around the table. Long Table LB is a beautiful way to connect and celebrate with neighbors on your block, by creating a stronger sense of community, safety and belonging in Long Beach, the city we call home.

We invite you and your neighbors to gather around one long table to share a meal & conversation for the common good of our city.

When is Long Table Long Beach?
May 18-19th in the morning to the night. Anytime on Saturday or Sunday.

Where is Long Table Long Beach?
The best place to host a Long Table Long Beach is in the street, sidewalk, in a courtyard or in a common area.

What does a Host receive:
•A minimum of $250 to assist with your event
•A custom Long Table Long Beach flyer for your block
•A We Love Long Beach gift
•A step by step Long Table Long Beach guide to assist with your prep, set up, and post gathering connections.
•Name Tags

What are some creative and fun meal themes for Long Table LB?
Around the World Potluck, Taco/Nachos Bar, Pasta Bar, Burgers + Dogs, Lasagna Party, Soup/Stew Party, Meat/Vegan Chili Party, Gourmet Pizza Party, Breakfast for Dinner Party, Brunch Party, Southern BBQ Party, Hawaiian Food Party, Mediterranean Party, Pho Party, Adobo Party, Indian Curry Party, Potato Bar, Happy Hour Party,  Tasting (wine, beer, apps) Party, 

Long Table Long Beach is not…
•An opportunity for hosts and guests to promote you or a loved one’s business or charity.
•An opportunity to promote or pitch your religion or spirituality.
•An opportunity to promote or canvas around political issues, or for candidates.


What if I live in an apartment? If your apartment has a court yard or common area, we suggest using those spaces or  even down the middle of your hallway.  Of course if  your complex is on a street that is easy to block off for a block party, that works too.

How do I get a Block Party Permit? Right now is a great time to apply for a Block Party Permit because they are currently FREE to apply.  The one fee is for barricades.  You can read more here for steps.  If you need assistance or have questions, let us know.  We would be happy to assist.

How do I invite neighbors?  We’ll provide each host with a custom flyer. Feel free to gather some neighbors and go door-to-door together to spread the word on your block. If you have kids, they can be a great help in handing out invitations.

What if I live on a busy street?  We recommend that you team up with a neighbor or neighbors on another block near you and co-host with them. We recognize it can be difficult to host a Long Table LB gathering on some busy streets.

What role can a neighborhood association play?  A neighborhood association can be vital in spreading the word about Long Table Long Beach gatherings to neighbors. They can also support neighbors by assisting with flyer distribution or any preparation needed for the event.

What if I don’t live in Long Beach, CA but would like to host a Long Table gathering on my street?  We Love LB has introduced a new initiative called The Joy of Community, dedicated to supporting neighbors worldwide in building community on a block and neighborhood level for the benefit of all. We’d love to connect with you and provide resources as you begin connecting with your neighbors.

Please reach out to us at info@welovelb.org to get in touch. We’re always happy to schedule a chat.

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