We Love LB Local Business Spotlight – Handy Dandy Brandy

Meet Brandy of Handy Dandy Brandy

Brandy has been a long time friend of We Love Long Beach.  Before she began her journey into woods, she was our handy graphic designer.  She helped us bring our iconic Neighborhood Map to life.  She has also created a few of our Long Beach Homebrew Fest awards.  We are thrilled to see her finding her passion and watching her grow into an amazing woodworker.  

WLLB: What neighborhood in Long Beach do you live in?
BW: Bluff Heights 
WLLB: Where is your business located?
BW: Bluff Heights, but mainly on the World Wide Web at www.handydandybrandy.com.  (Follow her on instagram, she does local pop-ups too!)

WLLB: How did you get started?
BW: I always like making things with my hands. I made a batch of cutting boards to sell at a local market and they all sold! So that’s when I decided to go at this full time, about 6 years ago.
WLLB: Why do you love what you do?
BW: Because I get to create something from start to finish with my hands and connect directly with my customers.
WLLB: Why do you love your small business?
BW: It’s an extension of myself and the things and changes I’d like to see in the world. I get to make every decision myself and don’t have to answer to any large corporation. I get to meet a lot of my customers at local markets which is also so fun!

WLLB: Describe a memorable moment when your business positively impacted the local community.
BW: Since Ive started this business I’ve thrown about 7 makers markets. Through this I’ve been able to give a lot of other small businesses a chance to showcase their work and bring the community together. The bonds I’ve been able to build through this mean so much to me!
While she does have inventory in stock, everything goes fast, ie. her cool new coasters. They make great gifts for you and/or your loved ones.  You could even have them customized.  We are thinking block customized charcuterie boards!

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