Jacaranda Fest

With over 6,500 Jacarandas in Long Beach. The Long Beach Jacaranda Fest is an incredible opportunity to join in on this unique citywide celebration! This vibrant block party alongside neighbors is filled with food, fun & local music, all happening under the purple reign of the majestic Jacaranda Trees.

We invite you to become a host, a sponsor or volunteer today!

Who: Any block with Jacarandas
(Yes, you can host if you don’t have Jacarandas! However, you must stick to the Purple theme.)

As a host, you will receive:

  • One Jacaranda Kit
  • Reimbursement for Block Permit
  • Assistance with connecting to Sponsors, Musicians + Food (if needed)

Ideas for your Block Party

Entertainment: Band, DJ or Create a fun playlist for the afternoon
Activities: Jacaranda Lei Making, Chalk Art, Coloring, Balloon Toss, Water Color, Bike riding, Skateboarding, Roller Skating,
Food: Anything Purple! We will be connecting to eateries to see if they would like to participate and create purple foods/drinks. We encourage Potluck style with neighbors.

See our Pinterest Board for ideas.

Interested in signing up to host on your block? Please keep scrolling down, fill out form & submit!

Interested in being a sponsor either monetarily or with goods? Email: jacarandafest@welovelb.org

Purple Reigns! To be a host a Long Beach Jacaranda Fest host on your block with your neighbors, please read these guidelines and submit the form below.

Inside the kit are:

  • A Jacaranda Fest Flyer 
  • Purple Chalk
  • Jacaranda Fest Purple Flags
  • 25 Name Tags
  • A Jacaranda Fest Event Check-List
  • Free Block Party Permit Fee (including barrier fee)
  • A Jacaranda Fest host pickup location will be provided for the host to pick-up the above materials on Saturday morning one week before the event
  • Please use our hashtags
    #jacarandfestlb and #welovelb

Host Expectations:

  • Ask neighbors to come alongside you to host the block party. Please don’t do this alone.
  • As a host, you will be expected to apply for the the block party permit with Long Beach Special Events and go out and get the signatures on your block. Please review Block Party Permit Requirements here. 66% of your Block must agree and sign the Resident Signature Survey Form. It is suggested to ask 2-3 neighbors go with you.  
  • Invite a few neighbors to pass out flyers door to door to your block 2 weeks before the event.
  • Work with neighbors to provide a purple potluck block party!

Please don’t use this block party to promote your personal or professional interests. ie. Political, Religious, or Business interests.

Have Fun & Be Creative!

Please submit the form below to host a Jacaranda Party on your block!

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