7 Tips for Going Door-to-Door on Your Block


Going door to door on your block and inviting neighbors to your front yard for a Citywide Event is not easy. We know that going up to a neighbor’s door, who is a stranger, can be one scariest things a person can do. It can be even scarier than public speaking, snakes, and spiders.

One of the main reasons it is so scary is that most neighbors hate answering the door, because they are used to complete strangers selling them religion, a shady magazine subscription, or a new political candidate from their door step. 

We instead need to make door-to-door neighborliness a common joy not a suspicious threat or agenda. This might take some time and some renewed relationships and trust among next door neighbors.

Here are 7 Tips for going door-to-door and inviting your neighbors over to your front yard for a We Love LB Citywide Event. This is a start toward a renewed since of neighborliness and face-to-face relationships on our blocks.

     1.   Invite Neighbors you know to help you: Go door-to-door with a neighbor, if you have kids go with kids it is 100 % easier to go door to door with  someone else than it is to go alone.                                       

     2.  Introduce yourself  as a neighbor with a smile. The goal of going door-to-door is face-to-face contact with neighbors to personally invite them to the event. Ask them to bring something or if they want to help, and ask them if they know other neighbors on the block they can invite. 

    3.    Passing out flyers 2 weeks before the event is best for neighbors to be ready. 1 week before is the latest.

    4.    Spend up to 45 seconds knocking on a neighbor’s door. If nobody answers the door, leave a flyer and move on to the next household.          

    5.    Weeknights (5-8pm) and Weekends are the best time to pass out flyers.

    6.    Write a note on the flyer if your neighbor is not home. (Example: “Hi, I am your neighbor at 340 Love St. I want to invite you over for the event.”)

    7.   If neighbors are not home place the flyer under a corner of the door mat or on a screen door. 

Save the Date for our Next Event.

 What: Citywide Breakfast 

 When: Saturday, February 20th.  

We hope you can host and get to know your next door neighbors on your block. Sign ups to host the Breakfast on your Block starts January 1st.

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