Welcome to Long Beach Homebrew Fest 2022!

We are excited for you to apply for our 5th Annual Long Beach Homebrew Festival competition! The date of the Homebrew Festival is Saturday, November 12, 2022. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with the community around your passion for homebrewing, as well as helping support community based non-profit We Love Long Beach with this annual fundraiser.

Competition entrance fee is $20, which includes one VIP ticket for you & ice. If you have a brew crew, we will allow one additional person a $25 entry. Any other tickets will need to be purchased at regular price to help support the efforts of our nonprofit. Your fee will be due once you are selected.

Expectations: Homebrewers are expected to have 4 or more gallons OF THE SAME BEER to showcase for the competition. Homebrewers can pour their beer from bottles, or bring a keg (set up with a picnic tap and c02 tank or jockey box). Bottles should be kept cold in your own ice chest and kegs should have their own keg tub.

Provided to you: We will provide 1 20lb bag of ice per brewer/team. We will provide a 6 foot table which you will share with a fellow brewer.

We will be selecting the 25 homebrewers at the beginning of August.  Once the process is complete, I will send out an email with more details. Beyond that, if you have any questions or want further info, please email: brewfest@welovelb.org.

Looking forward to celebrating this event (once again!) with our fellow homebrewers in Long Beach!

Cheers & Aloha,
Robin Jones
We Love LB Associate Director 
Long Beach Homebrew Fest Fundraiser Coordinator


LB Homebrew Fest Application

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