Monthly Archives: April 2019

What is Community? In Under 5 Minutes

This is community Pumpkin Potluck on the West Side of Long Beach to gather neighbors together. Written by Scott M. Jones, Executive Director of We Love Long Beach What is community? 1. Community as place. 2. Community as relationships 3. Community as discovery 1. Community is centered around living well together in a place. Community […]

Inclusion For All: Interview with Community Leader, Nubia Flores Cedeño

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Art Theater Long Beach to show this important documentary SUMMER IN THE FORREST on Sunday, 4/29 at 11:00am at the Art Theater. SUMMER IN THE FORREST is about Jean Vanier, who founded L’Arche in the 1960s as community near Paris that has become home to many men […]

Meet the New Los Altos Village Neighbors Group

What if everyone in Long Beach wanted to gather together to make a tangible difference in our city? Where would you start?  Wouldn’t you start where you live? Wouldn’t you start by teaming up with the neighbors around you who care about your neighborhood too? This seems like the simple, logical first step to making […]

Rhythms of Neighborliness

In the Fall of 2013 we had a crazy idea. What if we could create new rhythms of neighborliness centered around the four seasons? These rhythms could be easy on ramps to get to know new neighbors, and regularly reconnect with neighbors we already knew. Generally holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are centered around […]